I’m Isaac Morrier

I study branding, products, people, material culture, and the effects technology has on all of these things and help companies create competitive advantage with that insight.

Lately I wrote the strategy for an international soda redesign, launched an energy bar you could order via text message, tweeted llama gifs for a $2 trillion bank, found a new identity for America’s oldest performance running shoe brand, positioned zero-amenity micro-apartments, found a universal language for recycling, growth-hacked coffee, and helped launch the unofficial memecoin of Hustle Twitter.

These are some of the things I care about:

  • people
  • the future
  • typography

These are some of the things I don’t care about:

  • Any World Series outcome after 2004

I currently work as a strategist at Design Army in Washington, DC and previously at Verb Energy, DigitasLBi, Trinity Mobile Networks, SapientNitro, and the Behavioral Research Lab at the Yale School of Management. I graduated from Yale University with my B.A. in Sociology in 2017.

I built this website with Sapper, Sanity, and Netlify.

Humans who want to work with me can contact me at isaac@isaacmorrier.com.