Let’s Make a Poster

A website for making posters


A screenshot of a computer screen showing a website interface for creating posters with a geometric font.

Let's Make a Poster is a website for making posters, and a love letter to all the type designers whose work makes graphic design possible.

isaacmorrier.github.io/lets-make-a-poster ↪

A study for the variable typeface: the letter a and the word arm in various styles, stretched wide and tall to show the flexibility of the font.
Studies for the responsive typeface design.

Poster for DMCA Unity and Javascript workshop: a large letter U is made up of dozens of rectangles.
A green poster with a geometric pattern and a pigeon reads LONG LIVE COMMUNICATION DOWN WITH TELECOMMUNICATION (and down with all kings but King Ludd!) A lecture by Victoria Sobel and Casey Gollan
Made in collaboration with Laurel Schwulst
An orange poster with an image of a mushroom cloud reads Mark Coniglio, Creator of Isadora - Interactive Technology in Live Performance
Made in collaboration with Justin Berry
A light green poster reads: Confessions of a Digital Maniac, David Biedny


Interdisciplinary Arts Awards

Breaking down boundaries


Blue, red, yellow, and black posters featuring illustrations of creative tools, tiled on a wall.Link