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Selected logos by Isaac Morrier: Verb, Challenge Your Imagination, Trinity Mobile Networks, and more
Challenge Your Imagination Logo: The words ”Challenge Your Imagination” in circle, rotated in 3 space
Challenge Your Imagination logo design concept: cyi in lowercase stencil letters
Challenge Your Imagination logo design concept: CYI in block letters, with an arrow in the negative space between the C and the Y
A minimalist illustration of a man with his head in a cloud
Challenge Your Imagination Icon: an eye with rays emanating from the pupil, like rays from a sun
Yale Politics Initiative Icon
Yale Politics Initiative Logo
Yale Politics Initiative Logo (wide version)
Yale Politics Initiative Logo Concept: a minimalist illustration of of a Revolutionary War flag-bearer
CCDC Journal Logo: elegant letters in a style evocative of a fashion logo
Designed at Design Army. Creative Directors: Heloise Condroyer & Pum Lefebure
In Depth Logo
First Hand Logo
Lara Morabito Logo
Designed at Design Army. Creative Directors: Sucha Becky & Pum Lefebure
Alternate Verb Logo: a wheat icon, chocolate icon, sun icon and leaf icon create the word “Verb”
Verb Energy Logo
Verb Caffeinated Energy Bar Logo
Trinity Mobile Networks Logo
Trinity Mobile Networks Icon


Good Hair Day

Tiffany Palacios and I took some photos of our roommates.


A toothbrush with its bristles spiked up like hair.Link